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The Kimberly Square Neighborhood (scroll down for KIMBERLY memories FORUM & historic PHOTOS)

  The area that for much of the 19th century was referred to as The Oyster Point Quarter (i.e. from Columbus Ave. southward) today sometimes is referred to as "Hill South" (actually the name of a police district created in the 1980s), and is made up of three distinct neighborhoods:  Trowbridge Square (originally Spireworth Village) , City Point (originally Oyster Point), and Kimberly Square. And "Hill South" is considered the southern part of a larger area called The Hill. 

  However, for much of the 20th century, the Kimberly Square neighborhood [Kimberly Ave., Grant St., Plymouth St., Cassius St. and the  portion of Lamberton St. south of the rail road tracks] was considered by some residents to be part of City Point.  This was particularly true after St. Peter Parish was founded in 1901 [and incorporating both areas "South of the rail road tracks" as its official boundaries], in 1906 Second St. was extended to Kimberly Ave. and the Kimberly Ave. School was built [which entailed draining the northernmost portion of the West River salt marsh, approximately from First Street southward to approximately Third St.], St. Peter School was constructed in 1911 on this newly-drained land, and the remainder of the West River salt marsh ( aka "the Mud Flats") between Greenwich Ave. & Kimberly Ave. was drained beginning in 1929 to create Kimberly Field (aka "St. Peter Oval" or "The Oval"), thereby blurring the geographical boundary between Greenwich Ave. and Kimberly Ave. One even can trace this blurring of boundaries back to the late 1870s when Greenwich Ave. was extended an extra block beyond the Point and the Hallock property, from Kimberly Ave. to Lamberton St., thereby creating one side of Kimberly Square (which, despite its name, is a triangle--not a square!). By the time a Boulevard bridge was constructed over the rail road tracks in 1978, connecting the area to the rest of the Hill, Kimberly Ave. and the surrounding streets had begun to develop their own neighborhood identity, partially due to city planners' efforts to revitalize the area, thereby inventing the name "Kimberly Square Neighborhood". (See the "Tour" on the "1934 Aerial Photo" page of this website.)

  Nevertheless, given its history, a website about City Point would not be complete without devoting a special page just to Kimberly Ave. and the Kimberly Square area. This area never was part of the geographical "Point", nor was it part of the 1868 neighborhood laid out by the heirs of Gerard Hallock and called "City Point". However, Kimberly Ave., Grant St., Plymouth St., Cassius St. and Lamberton "south of the tracks" always had a close relationship with the "Point" bounded by Hallock Ave., Greenwich Ave. & South Water Street. Many of the Kimberly Ave. shops' owners, employees and customers lived in City Point, many City Point children attended St. Peter School and Kimberly Ave. School and walked over the Grant St. foot bridge to attend Truman School. It is the editor's intention to continue adding historic photos and other material here [as can be found elsewhere on this website].

  In the meantime, the "Kimberly Memories" Forum below is a place where you can help write the history of this area, particularly if you lived on Kimberly Ave., Grant St., Plymouth St., Cassius St. or Lamberton "south of the tracks" during the 1920s to 1960s.

  If you have any old photos of this area that you would like to share, please go to the "Contact the editor of this website page" and let me know. 


Kimberly/St Peter Memories FORUM (scroll down for Historic PHOTOS of Kimberly Ave. and neighboring area)

1. ANYONE can post: City Point or Kimberly Square residents--homeowners and renters, non-residents, former residents: anyone interested in the Kimberly Square neighborhood and/or St. Peter's. Posts may be anonymous. [However, you do need to fill in the space for "Name", which may be "anonymous" if you prefer.]

2. Posts must be related in some way to the Kimberly Square neighborhood's history: Kimberly Ave., Grant St., Plymouth St., Cassius St., Lamberton St. from Cedar St to the Lamberton rail road bridge.

3. Postings must not include "inappropriate language" [i.e. "swear words", "vulgar slang", "four-letter-words"]. Also Forbidden: verbal attacks on individuals or groups, racial or ethnic slurs, or any comments intended to be hurful, offensive, wrathful or cause embarrassment. [You ARE permitted to insult or criticize the editor, but only on the "Contact the editor" page.]


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Kimberly/St. Peter Memories FORUM (scroll DOWN for Historic PHOTOS of Kimberly Ave. and neighboring area)

Kimberly/St. Peter's Memories

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Historic Photos: Scroll DOWN for St. Peter's Church 1931 Dedication


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